Friday, February 5, 2010

Het is een Mooie dag in Amsterdam

Hey allen, Ik ben in Amsterdam en het houden van van het.

That means...

Hey all,

I am in Amsterdam and loving it. LOL At least I hope I am. I'm writing this ahead of time just to touch base with everyone.

I can't imagine not having fun. Once I get through customs and all that stressful stuff, I've got most of the day to wander and play.

The pic to the right is one of the canals that are in and around the city. At this very moment --CJ said hopefully-- I'm cruising around on one of the sightseeing barges looking at the beautiful city and enjoying my layover.

Now lets hope I don't get caught up in what I'm doing and miss my plane. *snicker* Only one "space cake", CJ, only one!!!!

Anyway, just a short note. You all please keep me in your prayers and thoughts. Traveling mercies and all that!


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