Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Lion-City Awaits You

Selamat datang

Enna vishayam

The words of welcome are in the four official languages of Singapore. Mandarian Chinese, Malaysian, Tamil (Indian) and English. Warning signs, announcements and many other communications are done in all of these languages. You get used to hearing them and waiting for English to get it's turn.

But the communication I most wanted to have was with Jonathon. *grin* Our reunion was wonderful and lengthy and very satisfying. The time apart disappeared once I was in his arms. I probably broke a few morality laws in the airport but I didn't care. I was home.

He had a lot to show me. Not THAT way. I mean around Singapore! LOL We finished our reunion and then he took me out to show me a few of the sights. We wandered around the area near the hotel which is called Clarke Quay. It is filled with shops, restaurants and bars.

Every night they have entertainment and right now, since the Chinese New Year is this weekend, they have the dancing tigers to celebrate the year of the tiger.

Since I wasn't jet lagged--yet--he took me to Chinatown where I stared in awe at all the gorgeous decorations for the spring celebrations. This is an important time for the Singapore people and they go all out. Businesses close down for days during the three day weekend.

But Chinatown is a bargain shoppers dream come true and I can't wait to check all of it out. Jonathon has to work some tomorrow, so we'll see what happens.

Then we walked down the main drag and it was so interesting to see how different yet the same the city was. Different languages, different styles, yet it was definitely a place I was familiar with.

Final thing we did was go get a Singapore Sling down at Raffles. It was so very cool to be able to taste the drink I've been waiting for in the ambiance it deserves!!!

If you want to read more about that experience, check out my blog at Loose Id's Author Blog--Loose Ends.

Since I'd lost a day when I traveled from Amsterdam to Singapore it was late in the afternoon when I got in. After walking around for a few hours we had my first sidewalk vendor meal and OMG, was it delicious. I'm going to gain back all the weight I lost! LOL I'm going to learn how to cook my favorite dishes and maybe I'll put together a cook book for y'all.

Anway, after dinner I was pretty tired, so back to the hotel we went and I pretty much passed out as soon as I crawled into bed.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you about shopping in Chinatown and Little India. Now those days were ones I'll never forget! Just wait until you hear what happened to me!!!!

You all have a great day and I'll see ya on the flip side!!!!


Destiny Blaine said...

Great post, CJ. I'm looking forward to reading more about your travels. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.


CJ England said...

Thanks Destiny,

It's truly been an adventure so far. I'm exhausted already! LOL

The Chinese New Year celebration is coming up this weekend and it's supposed to be awesome!!!!!


Phylis said...

I love hearing of your adventures CJ! It's my mini vacation amongst all the snow. lol Enjoy yourself! Can't wait to hear about the treasures you find.

D. Musgrave said...

Thanks for letting us live through you vicariously. To be in Singapore during the New Year Celebrations is perfect timing. This is a trip of a lifetime and I expect you're savroing every sight and would I.

D. Musgrave

Maria said...

Great pictures. Sounds like you're having a very fun time so far

Kris said...

wow, sounds like you are having a great time!!! The new year is an exciting time to visit :)

CJ England said...


I swear, Jonathon is going to take away my wallet! LOL

I'm sitting here surrounded by all kinds of great stuff. And so cheap too!

I got him a dragon for Valentine's Day, so he can't fuss too much!


CJ England said...


I sat there tonight during the street fair and sipped a Tiger Beer (very sweet) and watched people.

Think of the most crowded carnival you've ever been to and then double that.

That's what the streets and alley's are like during the CNY.



CJ England said...


I'm having a blast. Jet lags caught up with me and I'm fighting that, but how can I sit around when there is so much to see and do???


CJ England said...


When we realized we would be celebrating not only Valentine's Day, but the Chinese New Year (CYN) we were jazzed. We got to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Ireland last year, and like that one, this was also unplanned.

Sometimes the best things are!