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Snoozing in Singapore

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This is hopefully the last predone post. I might be up and ready in Singapore, but just in case I wanted to have one little touch for each of you. So since today is excerpt day, I'll do one of my more exotic ones. *smile*

The Phoenix is a beautiful legend and one I wasn't even aware of when I first started writing the Don't series. I actually found it when I was doing research on another series all together. But once I saw it, I knew I'd found my hero.

And my fans have fallen in love with Milcham. He's the perfect hero for the beautiful and loyal Aithne. Plus, you get to see Aidan and Dawn for a bit in this book as well. So sit back and check out an excerpt of one of my favorite of all my books. Heat level is high, so send the kidlets away!!! Enjoy!!!

Aithne has spent her life living for her brother. Now that he’s found his twin flame, she’s free from her duty as his familiar. She plans to relish every moment—and search for a soulmate of her own who will match the longing that burns in her heart. For now, a traveling carnival looks like the perfect vehicle to find the adventure she craves. Starting with the carnival’s handsome and enigmatic owner.

Milcham Phoenix hides a secret behind the carnival’s dazzling distractions. As the only creature in Paradise who didn’t fall into sin, he is unique…and lonely. For centuries he has searched for the one woman whose beauty, spirit and passion tempt him to open his heart. No one has come close—until Aithne.

The fire within them burns out of control. But before they have the courage to share their true feelings with each other, evil attacks, and painful secrets are exposed. Truth is the one thing that will overcome an ancient enemy…and the one thing their love may not survive.


My Dearest Milcham,

You have given me so much and expected so little. Now it is time for me to do something special for you. So put away your little scribbles, and come to me. The rest of the evening is ours.

Meet me at the Ferris Wheel. You won’t be disappointed.


PS… Don’t wear underwear.

Milcham knew he’d never moved so fast before. He got his books put away and his clothes changed in record time. Now he was standing in front of the Ferris Wheel…but Aithne was nowhere to be seen.

He glanced over at Jarrod who was the ride jock that night for the Wheel. He sat in the doghouse with a sly look on his face as he watched Milcham.

“Lookin’ for someone, Boss?”

“Aithne,” he answered, knowing good and well that the big man knew exactly what was going on. “Know where she is?”

Jarrod chewed on a straw. “Might.”

“You want to tell me?”

The man grinned. “Nope.” He nodded to behind Milcham. “Don’t need to.”

“I’m here, Milcham.”

Turning, he saw her. She was in the car that had just come to a stop. She smiled at him, and when Jarrod undid the safety bar, she patted the seat beside her, her sultry green eyes teasing. “Want to take a ride?”

“On the Ferris Wheel?”

Her dimples flashed. “For a start.”

Wonderingly, he climbed in beside her. Jarrod snickered as he put the bar down. “Have fun, you two.” He glanced at Aithne. “You remember what I told you.”

She nodded and blushed. “Thank you.”

Stepping back, Jarrod saluted them both, and then turned back to restart the wheel.

“What was that about?” Milcham raised a blond eyebrow.

Aithne giggled. “You’ll see.”

Sitting back, Milcham put his arm around her. He loved the view of his carnival from the top of the wheel. This late at night, all you could see were the lights of the nearby rides. It gave the car a feeling of being completely alone in the world. He pulled Aithne closer and dropped a kiss on her upturned nose. “I haven’t done this in a long time.”

“Really?” Her voice was full of laughter, and when they passed by Jarrod on the ground, Milcham saw he was grinning like crazy. The wheel stopped to let off and take on passengers, but it was several times around before Milcham realized that they were the only ones on their part of the wheel.

“What’s going on?” he questioned out loud, when the wheel went to full circling speed. “We’re only half full. Everyone’s on the other side from us.” When the lights dimmed, he frowned. “We lost the lights, too! What’s he doing?”

“I’d say he’s doing me a favor. You too.”

He turned back to her just in time to see her slip out from under the safety bar. “Aithne! What in God’s name are you doing?”

“Okay, folks,” she whispered nervously. “Don’t try this at home.” Quickly, she knelt between his legs and looked up at him with a shy smile. “So how ‘bout it mister? Wanna have some fun?”

He stared down at her, his cock going instantly hard. She couldn’t mean what he thought she did…could she? “I…” The sound was too hoarse so he cleared his throat and tried again. “I don’t know if I understand.”

She grinned and reaching up, gently undid his belt. “I think you do.”

His hand covered hers. He thought about their angry words of the night before. “Aithne. You don’t have to do this. I didn’t mean—”

“I know,” she interrupted as she carefully undid the top button of his jeans. “But you were right. I was letting my fears get in the way. I’m not going to any longer.”

He groaned when she stroked him gently before carefully unzipping his pants. “Still…all I was talking about was letting me kiss you.”

She giggled. “You can kiss me later. Right now, all I want is a taste of you.”

Milcham swore as the car went by the ground. Luckily, his Ferris wheel had a gondola car type of seat, so no one could really see what Aithne was doing. It was just the knowledge that she was going to give him a blow job in public that made him completely aroused and achingly hard in seconds. When her hand pulled his already engorged cock from his jeans, he moaned.

Aithne smiled at the sound. Her cheeks were flushed with a mixture of embarrassment and arousal, but she didn’t stop. She wanted to touch him. To taste him. To prove to him that she wasn’t ashamed of how they felt about each other. She was making this choice.

“You are so hard,” she whispered as she stroked his naked penis. “You feel like steel wrapped in silk.” She wrapped her hand around him and pumped gently. “Do you like this?”

Assai, I like it too much.”

She laughed softly. “Never too much, Milcham.” She continued pumping, until a tiny bead of pre-cum appeared on the head. She bent and licked it off, causing him to groan even louder. “I do like your taste.”

Bending lower, she tugged his pants down slightly so she could get to his balls. They were tight and drawn up hard against his body, but she pulled them free and carefully rolled them in her hands.

Christos!” Milcham exclaimed as he grabbed onto the side of the car. He closed his eyes, his face tight with pleasure.

“I think you’re ready,” Aithne murmured. Gently, she began to lick. Starting at his balls she licked slowly up the underside of his shaft until she got to the small ridge of flesh just below the base of the head. There, she rapidly flicked her tongue back and forth. She heard him swear and his hips thrust forward involuntarily.

Again, she started at the bottom and made her way up, but this time after the teasing flick of her tongue, she licked the weeping head, swirling her tongue into the slit where even more pre-cum oozed.

“Aithne,” Milcham gritted out, his voice tight with need. “Don’t tease me.”

She felt heady with the power she held over him at this moment. So often when they made love, he was in charge, but this time…she was, and she intended to savor the feeling. “Am I teasing?”

“You know you are!” He growled out the words.

“But Milcham,” she whispered, giving his cock a quick swipe with her tongue. “I haven’t even started yet.”


Hope you enjoyed that bit of heat. You can pick up this book and see what else Aithne and Milcham did at the carnival that night at

For more info on this series and another excerpt, go to

Hugs and hopefully I'll have a guest blogger up for you tomorrow. *crosses fingers*

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