Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rant- Packing and Planes and Security- Oh MY!!!

Hey all,

Today's blog is just a quick rant. I've got a dozen things left to do before I go overseas and I'm trying my best to get them all done. Knew it would happen. Those pesky last minute hidden things I'd forgotten.

But my main worry--always is--is packing.

Now I'm a great packer. Comes from moving every year since Jonathon and I were married. *grin* But when I get on a plane I always stress a little more. Why? Because all the bloody airlines have different bloody rules for what you can bloody take with you!!! WTF????

Now I get the whole security thing. Although I totally don't get why Granny can take a long pair of knitting needles, yet I can't take a 4" metal nail file. Seriously, dear old Granny can do a hell of a lot more damage with those things.

Anyway, what drives me nuts is that every airline has a different size and weight requirement for your luggage. Which is daft. If you flew a lot, does that mean you have to buy a different suitcase for every airline you might take?

Why not just standardize them and make it easier for the poor consumer? Or is that just too logical?

When Jonathon and I went to Scotland last year, we bought new luggage. Bought it to the size that Delta required, never believing that other airlines might be different.

Color me ignorant!

The airline Jonathon took to Singapore was fine--can't remember what it was, but his luggage fit. But the one I'm taking has a totally different requirement. My check in bag still meets the standards, but my carry on is iffy. I finally had to call and find out the deets before I could pack.

That's just stupid. Why don't all the cute little airline execs get together and decide what size would be best for everyone (I know, I know--that would be a meeting and a half) and implement them. Then their customers wouldn't have to gnash their teeth and go buy a new bleeping suitcase each time they travel.


Can you tell it pisses me off? A lot about airlines piss me off. I just wish I was in a position to do more that gnash and bitch. *sigh*

I'm off to get my hair done. New length and streaks to knock Jonathon's eyes out! LOL You all have a great day!


Bryn said...

What's probably happened, is that the airline bosses have instead all been to some meetings with the folk who make luggage....

BrennaLyons said...

It's not just you.

Unfortunately, half the problem are the different plane sizes. What will fit in the overhead on one plane will not on another, but you'd think the plane manufacturers would make the overheads at least large enough to fit a pilot case, on all but the smallest puddle jumpers, where anything larger than a backpack has to be gate-checked anyway. If they even let you gate-check these days...

Worse, security issue here... Several airlines are not allowing the pilot cases for carry-on at ALL now. You either have to check it as a second bag...for an additional fee, of course, or not pack one. I am considering not packing one for EPICon, for the first time ever.

They will allow you a small personal item, like a purse, diaper bag, or computer case. I typically use my backpack, since it can fit my laptop, cords, meds, notebook and pens, a reading book, and snack inside and still fit under the seat in front of me.

Not to mention, they are now charging for the checked bag you take, even if you only take one, on many airlines. I already know what a few charge, because they advertise with it, but several don't tell you at all about the policy. So, pad your budget for that.

Good luck and safe traveling!

BrennaLyons said...

Oh, but my Murphy answer is...check with every airline and find the smallest one. Invest in that and use it on all airlines. Course, the minute you do, they will change the requirements somewhere. Grinning...


Phylis said...

It just leaves my mind whirling. And they wonder why people are traveling less, driving more if possible. Then I saw on the news about that crash near Buffalo New York last year. Seems it was a lot of pilot error. Not good.

Desirée Lee said...

Like Brenna mentioned, now most airlines make you pay to check a bag and you have to pay each way. Yep, on the way to Singapore you'll pay and on the way back home.

That's what really irked me when I flew to Nashville last year for an event put on by one of my publishers. I thought I was getting the cheaper fare, but with all the extra crap added in, I probably wasn't. Oh well. Live and learn.

Despite all the frustrations of bags, etc, I do wish you a very safe trip and lots of FUN! *Hugs* I know that for you, seeing Jonathon will make it all worth it.

Carpe Noctem,

CJ England said...


I would have loved to be a fly on that waill. LOL


Exactly. Again. Standardized thinking in these cases would make so much more sense.

And I hate Murphy! LOLOL


That is so true. And then gas prices go up as well.


We were lucky. Martinair allows one carry on and one checked bag for no extra cost, but when we come home with all the souvenirs. *sigh* That's when it's gonna cost us.


Sassy Brit @ Alternative-Read.com said...

Hi! you are right, it is insane. Last time I flew I had to leave things behind for them to chuck. If I wanted them to forward them on, they would have made us late for our flight! Makes no sense at all.

So, they kept my foundation cream, plus other things, because something could have been hidden within them.

Dangerous times indeed, especially if you are sitting next to a raving knitting granny!!