Friday, March 19, 2010

Peaceful and Calm--An Oasis in a Huge City

Hey all,

Now anyone who knows me gets the fact I'm all about nature. If you read my books you'll see I adore critters of all kinds and I love to be outside in the forests or meadows. (maybe that's why I write about hot shapeshifters?)

Anyway, here in Singapore there isn't a lot of woods or forests to be had. This city is instead a cement jungle, with cars, scooters and buses it's inhabitants. We humans are just the ants living among them all.

But I found the other day a beautiful oasis amid all these cars and cement. It may not be woods as I'm used to it, but it gave me the alone time I needed, the beauty I cherish and some memories I won't forget.

The Chinese and Japanese Gardens of Singapore

Not wild, but instead these gardens are cultivated with exquisite care. The manpower that goes into them has got to be mind-boggling. While there are areas of disrepair, it could be a seasonal thing since most of the attraction stuff was closed. But we didn't go for that. We went to discover how another culture looks at their parks and gardens.

As the name implies, it is split up into two sections--connected by a bridge (see above) Most of the actual garden was on the Chinese side, while the Japanese side seemed to be more of a huge rambling park.

But since pictures are better than words...the Chinese Garden side... (Click to make pictures bigger)

You walk in and see this huge pagoda first off. It is huge and when you climb the stairs to the top you have a beautiful view of the gardens and Singapore itself.

Off to the right is the statue garden filled with many of their heroes. This pic I found online so you could see them all easily.

Then you head to what was my favorite garden of the day. I could have stayed here and never moved, it was that beautiful and peaceful. All the following are pictures from the Bonsai Garden.

A worker carefully snipping at a tree. It was such delicate work.

The main garden is behind us. So beautiful.

Row after row of different kinds of trees. These were just a few.

Another two views of the side garden with it's trees. The oldest one we saw (and there could have been older) was over 400 years old.

Next came the abundance garden. According to online, this garden is built showcasing different tales of folklore that have to do with longevity, abundance and fulfillment.

A look from the Bonsai Garden out to the Garden of Abundance.

This garden is filled with all the statues of the Chinese Zodiac, a sundial, small bridges and many other marvels. A wonderful place to come and have a picnic.

This little bridge has all the Chinese Zodiac symbols on it.

Here I am with my symbol--The Rat! I was at first embarrassed having that moniker, but after doing research on this little guy, I am proud to carry the name RAT! LOL

Then we crossed the river and headed for the Japanese side. There was some sort of foot race going on. Kids in what looked like middle-school were running a course through both parks.

This view of a lily pond is one of the prettiest ones I've ever seen.

And this calm view of a pond was peaceful even with the race going on.

This is a Lantern Garden. The use of stone lanterns date back from before Christ and there are many different kinds, each meaning a different thing.

Back over the bridge and this is the Main Arch Building. Beautiful and the fish pond inside swirls with the colorful Koy. It is aptly named "Fish's Paradise"

I could go on and on about these gardens, but hopefully you get the picture. Beautiful, serene and they are an oasis in the middle of a busy city. Sinaporeans have something to be very proud of!!!

I'll be back tomorrow with a very important announcement for you all, so stay tuned!!!


LaVerne said...

These are beautiful pictures. Looks like you all are having a great time.


D. Musgrave said...

Lovely place!

rm2h said...

Oriental gardens are so beautiful and serene. The amount of plants they use are amazing. I will save the pictures when I need to calm down in my life.

Anonymous said...

Hi CJ,
Very beautiful for sure and peaceful looking. I also like places that are not as structured. Is there a ‘naturally’ beautiful or ‘wild’ place that’s on your agenda?
This is a great trip, CJ! Thanks for letting me ‘tag along’, ;-).
Sara J ~ : - ]

Pugsley said...

Oh my goodness, these are simply beautiful, and you are lucky to have found them

I went to Singapore years ago, and remembered that it was a very cultured, beautiful and clean city, but I missed this gorgeous attraction, which I am very sad about.

Thank you for sharing all of this with us.

CJ England said...


Thanks. We did enjoy it. Sometimes I just need to get out of the concrete jungle and breathe! LOL


CJ England said...

Thanks, D.

I'd love to go back if I have the time. Just sit and watch the fishes swim.


CJ England said...

Hey rm2h,

Glad to be of service. Life can get so hectic, can't it?


CJ England said...

Hey Sarah J,

Actually, we just got back from the island of Pulau Ibin. It was wild and beautiful. Pythons, wild boars, monkeys and Oriental hornbills were just a few of the critters out there!


I'm going to be doing a note on that for the list next week.


CJ England said...


You're very welcome. I had read about it online and was so glad I gave it a try. It made us take a deep needed breath.


Phylis said...

Beautiful CJ! Thank you so much for sharing the pictures. I could sit and watch the koi for hours!