Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What To See and Do In Asia

Hey all,

So today I spent trying to figure out our vacation plans. I mean after we are done here in Singapore we are going to travel around Asia before we come home.

We have several ideas so far and like them all, but time, money and availability all have a great deal to do with it.

For example, we are seriously thinking about doing the Trans-Siberian Railroad Journey from Beijing in China, through Mongolia, Russia, Belarus, Poland and end it in Germany. From there we would fly through Denmark and the Netherlands.

It's a thought--exciting and a little expensive. (Just the visas alone worth your first born, I tell you.) We could do it, but now we have to decide if we want to.

Or, a thought is to do several smaller trips to cover more of Asia and put the Europe trip off until another year. These trips would be...

1) A four or five day trip to China to see the Forbidden City and Beijing, Xian--home of the Terracotta Army and of course, The Great Wall of China itself.

2) A train ride from Vietnam through Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and back to Singapore. This would be another four or five day trip and would be quite an adventure. It would include some gorgeous scenery and this is the place of the oldest rainforest on the planet!

3) A dive trip over to the Philippines. One of the places we've found has great luck diving with hammerheads and whale sharks. OMG, what a day!!!

4) A trip up to Bangkok to see some of Thailand. But we'll wait on that until the protests die down! LOL

5) Several day trips including a visit to a fishing village on stilts. I'm going there next week for a writing retreat! I'm sooooo excited!!!!

6) Another day trip is to a small island called Palau Ibin. A step back in time to what Asia used to be, we get to take "bumboats" to the island, bike around to see it all--it's pretty small, and hope to God that the spitting cobras they say are common but hard to find...stay that way! LOL

As you can see, there are many places to see and things to do. Have you a place in Asia you've always wanted to see? Let me know. Maybe it's something we'd be interested in too!!!!

Hugs to all,
CJ England
Follow Your Dreams


Unknown said...

Hi CJ, I'm Trish and I'm from Singapore :) I've read a couple of your books and yes, I did enjoy reading them. How are you coping with the heat? As a local, I'm staying indoors as much as I can. If you're up to exploring, try to go to the suburbs area. I'm living up north part of the island, in Woodlands. Have you been to the Singapore Zoo? It is a must! Anyway, enjoy your visit here :)

CJ England said...

Hey Trish,

Funny you should ask about the zoo. We just went today and loved it!!! We are big zooaphiles and have seen zoos all over the world.

I can definitely say this one (and the Night Safari--doing the Bird Park next week) are some of the best!!!

Heatwise, coming from Florida, I don't notice it much. But I do try and stay in the shade just like I do back in Orlando. LOL

Love the Woodlands area! My first market was up there. Are you native or expat?


Phylis said...

The train ride looks like fun. The scenery in the picture is fantastic! Good luck with your choices...I have no places I can think of.

Unknown said...

Local girl here, born and breed :)So glad you enjoyed our Zoo, our pride and joy. When my kids were little we practically lived there *LOL*

CJ England said...


Isn't it gorgeous? We are really going back and forth about what to do.


CJ England said...


I know the feeling. My kids say they've been to so many zoos they should write books about them all. LOL


Phylis said...

I think the train would be romantic as well as beautiful. *grin*