Friday, January 8, 2010

Party Postponed--Author Shakes Fist in Disgust

January 8th, 2010

Noted author CJ England announced today that her release party for the highly anticipated Do Me A Favor has been postponed due to technical difficulties.

Unable to get into her mail server to properly throw the cyber party, Ms. England has had to disappoint friends and fans by saying she will have to reschedule the day-long party.

"My editor says it's Murphy's law," Ms. England moaned as she tried to contact her email company, Incredimail, to fix the problem. "I have this huge day planned, filled with great excerpts, contests, hunks and food and this happens. I woke up this morning ready to go, but when I tried to send mails to get the party started, nothing would work. It just sits in my outbox and does nothing. It's so bloody frustrating!"

Apparently Ms. England's email has a sudden "glitch" where even though all her mail ports are properly configured, she can't send mail. And, on an interesting side note, when she opened up her email this morning to get started, all the mail she'd had saved in her INBOX had suddenly disappeared. Not been deleted...disappeared into thin air.

"I hadn't done anything different between last night and this morning," she went on to complain. "There is no reason for this sudden problem to exist. And trying to get help for the problem is like pulling hen's teeth. No one has an answer."

Incredimail, one of the popular email addons people can use has a history of having technical problems. But it's ease of use and fun smiley's still have people downloading and hoping for the best.

Ms. England stated, "If I don't get satisfaction from the company this time, I'll take my business elsewhere. The smiley's aren't worth it!"

Incredimail couldn't be reached for comment.

Fans are expected to vent their frustrations in the comments below! :-)


Dominique Eastwick said...

Sorry to hear that the gremlins were at work and ruined your party. Please let us know when you reschedule. :)

Unknown said...

That sucks!! I'm always wary of programs like that. I add most of the graphics I use manually each time I send one.

We'll still all be here when you can reschedule.

Unknown said...

So sorry to hear about that but DO me a Favor was excellent and had me laughing in some spots and crying in others.

Amy said...

My mother always said "it builds character" when things like this would happen to me. I always told her that I was a big enough character and that I wished the Universe would pick on someone else for a change, LOL! Maybe you can use this glitch to inspire a plot bunny and build a brand new character.

CJ England said...


I definitely will. The program is still down as of this writing, but I'm hoping a miracle will happen and things will get better!


CJ England said...


I'm about ready to dump the whole thing right now. It's just so easy to use I've been stumbling along with it.


Unknown said...

hi CJ!

yeah that server costs me a prize! after all that clicking and i gave them da boot but loved how it did amazing things

CJ England said...


Thanks for the great comments. I can't wait to see your full review.


CJ England said...


My mom must have known your mom. LOL She said the same thing. Well I got character coming out my ears and I'm totally tired of it.

But a lot of these things do wind up in my stories. So that's a great idea!


Maria said...

Sorry your day didn't go as planned but I have to say that I've never heard of this email client/provider. I tried to download some cute smileys but my
virus protection said no's adware so it had to go!

CJ England said...

Incredimail is pretty big in my circles but it does have adware that is difficult to filter out. Plus it makes your computer run really slow.

If I could find a program that wasn't so glitchy, I'd be there in a heartbeat!!!


Phylis said...

I can just see all those emails come flying out of nowhere and you start a party and you aren't even there! lol I hope it fixes it self soon.

Kathy said...

I know it's that retorgrade Mercury thing. It must be because I couldn't get my AOL to sign on correctly until I rebooted the computer and my aunt had computer gremlins today too. Sorry the gremlins snuck in last night and held a party on your behalf and messed it all up.

CJ England said...

Me too, Phylis. I'm still working on it right now, but no luck so far.


CJ England said...


I'm thinking your right. It's just been one of those days, hasn't it.