Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Sex in the City or Country or ???

Hey all,

I was having a conversation with some friends and we were talking about sex or (since Jonathon is out of country) my lack there of. LOL We then segued into where we often had sex and talked about the unique places we'd made love in the past.

Some of those were, in all honestly, pretty vanilla. Some were a little risky and some, were weird, to say the least.

We made a list, giggling madly as we did so and once we were done, thought, wow...this is so much fun! When I went home that night and went to bed, I started to dream and out of that dream came an idea for this blog.

How about a sharefest of some of the places we all have done the deed?

Let's start with my friend's ideas. Now, you have to understand these are regular gals, not players or party girls. Just normal women with normal backgrounds. Okay? Ready?

1. Kelly (all names have been changed to protect the naughty ) said the oddest place she'd ever had sex was in a broom closet at work. She'd been dating a co-worker for a little over a month and when he came by her desk and whispered the invitation in her ear, she said she couldn't help herself. It was too much of a turn on. So off they went and she reports it was pretty damn hot.

Not all that comfortable, she admits, but the idea of doing it underneath her co-workers noses made her juices run hot. Quickies seem to tap a part of Kelly she hadn't felt before.

2. Now Leeanna had a different story to tell. Her husband decided to surprise her with a special night out. Since her husband wasn't the most creative guy in the world, she expected the usual dinner and a movie.

So color her shocked when he led her out to a waiting taxi and blindfolded her. He wouldn't tell her where he was taking her and no amount of questioning would break his
reserve. After twenty minutes of driving, they would up at a club. One she said she wouldn't be taking the kids to any time soon.

It was a hot tub club. A place set up for couples to frolic in private jacuzzis.
Her hubby had provided champagne, chocolate covered strawberries and bathing suits (suits optional) and they spent the rest of the night sippin, nipping and...well...loving. She said it was the most decadant night of her life, reminiscient of what old Roman baths must have been like. The sex was fantastic due to the ambiance and mostly, the care her husband had taken in setting the scene.

3. Marie is the outdoorsy type and she loves to make love under the stars. She says in the past she's done the deed in a field, on a picnic table and in a tree. But the most farout place she'd ever done it was when she and her boyfriend made a date to go jetskiing.

They went to a private part of a well known lake in California. It was mid-week and so there weren't many people on the water. A few, but not so many that it would intrude on their privacy.

They'd had a picnic lunch on the shore, then afterwards, her boyfriend taught her how to ride the jetski. And...things happened. One kiss led to another and suddenly they were on the lake, suits floating in the water and bodies slapping together as the ski raced across the waves.

She reports it wasn't easy, but because they had decent balance, they were able to accomplish what they started out to do. It was more fun that satisfying, but a memory she'll never forget.

So, what about you all? I know I've got a few interesting places where I've done the deed, so let's share. In fact, for every five places you all share in the comments below, (you can do it anonymously if you want), I'll share one of mine. I think it will be fun, so let's go!!!

Sex in the City, Country or ?????


Jennifer Mathis said...

k on my grandma's front porch on a sunday afternoon. she had those railing that you could only kindof see through from certain ways and of course it wasn't planned we just got swept away.pretty vanilla huh

CJ England said...

LOL Jennifer,

Not too vanilla. I can't imagine doing it on my Nana's porch. She would have found us, that's for sure.


Phylis said...

Never done it in a car like you hear people talk about but I told hubby I wanted to do it outside sometime and we ended up in our backyard. Now mind you, our driveway and the neighbor's are side by side and if you go out the back door, straight across the fence is the neighbor's back door. Before we put the addition on the back of the house, the air conditioner was there. We were on the one side of the air conditioner to protect us from the street one house away on the one side but somewhat exposed to the neighbor across the driveway. No one saw us lol(that we know of) and it was before we had kids. It was hot and actually not quick. LOL

Shannon said...

On the new required christening after all. I seem to recall a very satisfying encounter. Then there was the time we were both in a one man pup tent camping in the mountains with my cousins. We stayed warm that's for sure.

Unknown said...

I've lived a boring life!! Ugh!

Natalie Acres said...


Great post. I want to know where Leeanna found this hot tub club. :)

Natalie Acres

CJ England said...


Jonathon and I watched some submarine races in an El Camino once.

It's a good memory. LOL


CJ England said...


Christening a motorcycle seems perfectly reasonable to me. LOL

And our daughter, Jessaca, was conceived in a tent on a rainy night while hiking the John Muir trail in California.

But we were alone. LOL


CJ England said...


I very much doubt that. I know you too well. LOL


CJ England said...


The club was found in Fresno, California. It was some time ago, so I don't know if it is still around, but I've always thought if you could keep things clean, it would be a great idea.


Unknown said...

CJ, unfortunately I've never had a lover with any imagination. None could manage anything more inventive than a missionary position...

My only claims to fun are my first time..on a mattress under the stars and once in an apartment swimming pool after hours, mostly clothed. He forgot to take off his watch and remove his wallet..LOL

I'm still hoping my next guy will want to have fun!

Anonymous said...

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