Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wacky Website Wednesday

Hey all,

One of my favorite search engines is Stumble Upon and when I need a break I'll use it to "stumble". Some of the sites I "stumble upon" are hysterical. Today's blog is about one of those. So, check this out.

Have you heard about the Duct Tape Prom? Apparently Duct Tape holds a scholarship contest every year to see who can make the best prom outfit out of duct tape-- the winners gets $3,000 for college.

Some of the outfits are outstanding. Really. If the kids came up with these on their own, they all should get scholarships! Check these out!

In fact, these are all amazing. The detail is wonderful. It may not be traditional art, but it's art none the less. Want to see more? Check these and other pics out at

Art is in the eye of the beholder isn't it? Some people might not think this is art, and I'll bet there is a lot of art out there that doesn't fit the traditional mold. What do you think? Can you share an art form that you think is unique and beautiful? Leave the info and url in a comment below!



Phylis said...

That is some amazing imagination! Curious as to how they get in to them and how they put them together. They always say art is in the eye of the beholder. Some stuff I have seen boggles the mind but I like wearable art they are! Phylis

Maria said...

I wonder where they got the colored duct tape? I've only seen grey. I'd say it's a form of wearable art and that all of these students deserve some kind of recognition for their work. If nothing else an art school should give them a partial scholarship for creativity.

Juniper Bell said...

I think they're gorgeous! Definitely art. I remember once seeing a prom dress made entirely of colored condoms. ;) I wish I'd saved the photo, it was really something!

Amy said...

I've seen a couple of performance art pieces by this woman. She is ASTOUNDING!

CJ England said...


That's a good question. I wondered that myself.

CJ England said...


There are all colors. LOL I used to do production work and a friend got me lavendar duck tape as a joke. I made it my trademark. LOL


CJ England said...


I know the dress you mean. I've seen it too. Hang on....

Here you go. This is art as well. There are others too if you just google condom dress.


CJ England said...


That was amazing. She is a true artist as well.


Mary Preston said...

I just checked out the condom gowns. WOW!!! I am a huge admirer of extremely creative folk. The duct tape creations are mind-blowing.