Thursday, January 14, 2010

Shopping and Ghost Tours and Lighthouses OH MY!!!!!!

Hey all,

I'm back and we had a fab time. We didn't have any type of schedule...just a plethora of time and all kinds of activities we could indulge ourselves in.

We got off early on Tuesday and had an easy trip up through Daytona. We walked on the beach even though it was bloody cold. Jessaca whined, but we did it anyway. *grin*

Once up in St. Augustine, we got to our motel, The Bayfront Inn. Easy walking distance to the downtown district. We dumped our stuff off, I handed Jessaca the map and told her to take the lead. And then we walked.

I'll bet we walked 10 miles that day and just as much the next. We criss-crossed the town, and our first stop was the Sebastian Winery. A local winery that offers free tours and tasting. We missed the tour, but was there in time for a tasting which was a lot of fun. We found a few wines that Jessaca and Jonathon would have liked. I wish he was home, I would have bought him some port.

We did some window shopping afterwards, scoping it out for the next day. Then we went to a fudge tasting back at the hotel. The fudge was Whetstone and delicious and the lemonade was sour and tossed in the nearest trashcan.

That night we went on a ghost tour. A walking tour that is one of the highlights of St. Augustine. Our tour guide was Eric and he was great. Filled with energy and interesting stories. I didn't get anything on my camera...but then mine isn't too good at night photography. But a couple of the others got some orbs and an energy ribbon.

But it was fun. Interesting and spooky enough to have Jessaca grabbing at my hand several times. Of course she said it was because she didn' t want me to fall on the uneven ground, so I just nodded and went along with it. LOL Had a drink at a haunted pub, OC Whites, and then off to bed.

The next day, after a quick breakfast, we walked around the fort, the Castillo de San Marcus before we started our shopping binge. It was fun. I found a beautiful necklace set, a T-Shirt, and some treats for the kids at home. I bought something called Shea Butter which has already made a difference in my poor peeling hands. Jessaca got a tank top commemorating the ghost tour and a few other things.

Once we were done shopping, we packed up and went to our last destination, The St. Augustine Lighthouse. I've always wanted to visit it, but in the past we've just never had the time. But this time we did and I'm so glad. We did an audio tour which gave all kinds of interesting info on the area and history of the lighthouse.

And then we walked up the 219 steps to the top of the lighthouse.

It was a bit scary because the steps are see-through and it freaks me out. But I focused on Jessaca in front of me and was fine. Just took it slow and easy. The view was amazing. It was a clear and beautiful day and we could see for miles and miles.

But the real fun was the wandering. Just having the time to look around and spend time with my daughter. It was the first time we have had a chance to do this and it won't be the last. Some day we want to do Ireland together!

Anyway, I'll be back tomorrow with a fun and sexy post for my Friday. You all have a great Thursday and I'll see you on the flip side!!!


Maria said...

Sounds like you had a great time. I enjoy taste testing fudge! Glad you made it back okay.

zina lynch said...

I love fudge too, but can't make it to save my life. My girls want to go to Scotland and Ireland too. Maybe you should host a mother daughter trip. And if anyone needs to borrow a daughter to go I have 6

CJ England said...

Thanks, Maria,

It was a great trip. We love St. Augustine and wandering around the city was exciting and relaxing.


CJ England said...


I make a great fake fudge, but like you, my real stuff isn't so wonderful.

I love the idea of a mother/daughter trip. When I make my first million, I'll do it. We'd all have such a great time!


Pat said...

I wanted to see St. Augustine this past summer. We drove to Georgia and it was on our to do list, but rainy weather kept us from doing a lot of things we planned. I'm glad you had such a good time. I go to the lighthouses, I'm not able to climb stairs like that. LOL
219 I'd be huffing and puffing. Making me hungry talking about the fudge.

CJ England said...

Hey Pat,

I wouldn't have been able to make it with my foot, but they have these landings all along the way. It gives people a breather.

There was this guy there that was running up and down the stairs for exercise. He said he did it 8 times twice a week.

He was about my age and looked pretty healthy.


Phylis said...

That sounds wonderful CJ! Wish I could have gone along. Not sure I could get my daughter to tag along antiquing with me. lol I can't imagine going up and down, running 8 times! Walking up once would have done me in!