Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What Is It With Sizes???


So Jessaca and I are shopping, right? Wandering around to find a few somethings to take home with us to remind us of our trip to Saint Augustin. Even though it's bloody freezing, we are looking at the summer stuff because, duh, we live in the sunshine state. *peers out the window and sees nothing but clouds* Yeah right!

Anyway, we find this cute little boutique which caters to more of a new age clientele. You know what I mean. Flowing dresses, capes, beautiful silky tops. Just what Jessaca and I like. So we go in and Jessaca finds this really pretty blouse, blue and green with flowing long silk sleeves. I look around and I find a pair of slacks that I fall in love with. A shimmery black with a kind of fabric that almost looks alive. I'm so excited and even better, the last pair is in my size.

So I go on in to try them on and to my surprise, they aren't just a little too small, they are REALLY too small. I mean like several sizes too small. I pull them off, swearing under my breath, and go out to ask the sales clerk what the deal is. She glances at my beautiful pants and shrugs.

"The designer always makes those smaller than normal," she informs me. "It can be a real pain for people."

Really? You think? WTF? Why on earth would a designer, no matter how high on the food chain he is, mess with sizes? Why isn't an 8 an 8 anymore? Or a 16 a 16? It doesn't help consumers. All it did was piss me off. I can understand a small difference because of cut or fabric, but seriously the clerk told me this designer (I couldn't pronounce the name for the life of me) usually dropped the fit by at least two sizes.

So if I'm normally an 8, I have to look for size 10 now? OMG...I just gained two sizes and all I did was eat a piece of fudge at the candy store down the block!!!!

Now, if this was the only designer I'd ever had this problem with, I'd just pass it off as bad business on their part, but anyone who has shopped for clothes in the last few years understands that it's a battle to find things that fit. And you take your life into your hands if you do the catalog thing. *sigh* Whether it's Walmart, Neiman Marcus or a Valentino...something has changed how we size our clothes!

So what do you all think? How do you shop and what troubles do you find in fitting your clothes?


Maria said...

I used to be able to just pick up a pair of pants or a top at the store, buy it and then put it on when I got home. Not anymore, I too don't know what is going on. Suddenly the same size that I have been wearing for years is cut different. I think it's because so much is made overseas, frankly it's frustrating. Now I have to try everything on in the store before I buy.

CJ England said...

Exactly. That's what makes me crazy. You can take 5 different pairs of pants and try them on and not only will each of them fit differently, some will not even be close to fitting at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pat said...

Buying clothes is such a lesson in fultility, that I've found a designer who guarantees her sizes. All of my clothes are designed by Jean Bice the
Quacker Factory Lady. Dresses, blouses,
pants, sweaters, shorts once you know your size you can buy anything she makes. I love her clothes. So my best advice would be to find a brand that fits and shop that brand only.

Phylis said...

I have always had problems getting pants to fit. I have long legs so always needed to get talls and they don't always have my size in talls available. My problem now is that I don't like the way the denim jeans look. I want the old style of jeans and I need a new pair but can't find any in town. *SIGH*