Thursday, February 4, 2010

On A Wing and A Prayer

Hey all,

Well, I'm outta here. In a few hours I'll be winging my way across the Atlantic to get to my Sweet Baboo. I'm all packed, my house is clean, my kids know what they're responsible for and...

I'm terrified.

Now, I've left home before. The longest being last year when we were in the UK. But that was three weeks and this is twice as long. And it might stretch out even longer.

Can the kids handle it? Sure. They are all smart and mostly on target responsibility wise. But they are my babies and it hit me today just how much I'm going to miss them. *very big heavy sigh*

Jessaca and I hugged goodnight last night before we headed off to bed and suddenly we were tearing up and holding on tight. I'm going to miss her so much. She's my best girlfriend and since she broke up with her boyfriend and Jonathon's been overseas, we've spent a lot of time together.

Plus, while the boys have come, gone and come back again, *grin*, she's always been here and so this separation will be the hardest for us. But I know everything will work out. She's busy with her massage and working at the theater, Jeramiah is working 12 hour days at his job getting ready for the Harry Potter opening at Universal, and Jasiah is on the road a lot doing his Flipper's corporate training.

But, I'll still worry, and miss them all more than I can say. Knowing I'll be with Jonathon makes it a bit better, but still, a mama will always be a mama. And I will be thinking of them each and every day.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers over the next couple days as I travel. I don't worry too much. Just enough to wish I was already there. LOL

I've got pre-done blogs for the next couple days, but I may add a new one if I can get online.

Take care and I'll catch you on the flip side!!!


Maria said...

Have a great trip CJ.

D. Musgrave said...

Hugs. Everything will be fine on the home front. I just have a feeling. Try to put it out of your mind and focus on this as an adventure, you're own little Amazing Race!


Kathy said...

Have a safe trip and soak up lots of interesting stuff for future books. Enjoy the fun of traveling like this getting to soak up the local environment

Phylis said...

Enjoy your reunion and your research and your traveling! Will keep you and family in my thoughts and prayers!