Thursday, March 4, 2010

HELP!!!! What is this thing??????

Hey all,

Since today is Jonathon's day off, I've got a short blog today. I need your help. This is a picture of a sea creature we discovered of the beaches of Bintan. They were washed up on the beach by the thousands and when we went swimming, they were there as well.

We thought at first they were some sort of jellyfish larvae and wondered if we were going to die a horrible stinging death. LOL (Trust me, I've accidentally run into sea lice--jellyfish spawn--before and it wasn't any fun.)

Then we wondered if they might be cuttlefish spawn. There are cuttlebone washed up on the beach everywhere, and it is a main staple of the asian diet, so it was another possibility. Or, it could be something else completely like baby nudebranch, coral larvae, or some mystery critter we'd not even thought of.

I'm not sure if you can really see it in this picture (click on the pic to enlarge) but it is a creature about maybe an inch long and a quarter inch wide and perfectly transparent.

The brown thing you see just to the right of the crease of Jonathon's finger is some type of organ. We could see it moving--pumping like a heart or maybe a swim bladder.

There is also, just to the right of the brown spot, another internal organ which is a pale gray. It's really tough to see but it has a kind of a curly q look to it. I have no idea what that part is.

I googled until my fingers were sore, but obviously I didn't ask the right question. So here it is...


Help us, please. Jonathon keeps asking me every day if I've figured out what it was. I think he's afraid it is some wierd worm that will crawl into our hair folicles and breed for the next 50 years. *shudder*

Please give us your best ideas in the comments below. And if you have a picture to help us out, give us the url as well.

The first person to find out and tell me what this wierd creature is will win a special prize sent straight from Singapore!!!! (First correct comment wins and must be verified before final announcement is given)

I'll be back tomorrow with a fun blog with some of the interesting signs I've collected over the last few weeks.

Hugs to all,

CJ England
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Bestiary Parlor: The Musings of a Zoologist Turned Author said...

It might be a nudibranch or marine sea slug. Subclass Opistobranchia. Very unusual to be so transparent but it might even be as yet unidentified species. I have to dig out my old nudibranch book.

Also, not all jellyfish sting.There is a fresh water species without nematocysts or stinging cells.

Your nerdy zoologist author,


CJ England said...


A dive instructor said the same thing about unidentified species, but there were a bazillion of them out there so that was hard to believe. LOL

Didn't know that about a freshwater jelly. But this was definatly salt. Not even brackish where we were.

Thanks and if you have more, let us know.


Chris R said...

Sea bass larvae??

Lisa Avila said...

Looks kind of like a sea gooseberry which is related to the jellyfish and i don't think they sting

Anonymous said...

I'm shocked, yeah shocked, that you don't recognize that thing! Why of course it's an one-eyed, one horned, flyin' purple people eater in disguise! ROTFL.
Actually, it looks a lot like someone I know, only cuter. That someone's name is Ew-w-w-w.
On the other hand, if there is a bazillion of them... The Starship Enterprise is in town so maybe those critters beamed down for vacation?
Lots of Luck,
Sara J. ~ ; - ]

Sultry Summers said...

Actually - I have no idea what it is! Possibly an alien life form hiding in plain sight and awaiting a human host - much like the go-a-ol'd on Star Gate and I'm sure I didn't spell their name right. If your eyes begin to glow and you start having god like delusions you'll know we are all in big - big trouble. My next best suggestion would be to contact an Oceanography - Harbor Branch Marine Center in Vero Beach Fla. They are world known and would probably be able to help.
Good luck in your quest

CJ England said...


Hmmm... Do you have a pic?


CJ England said...


A sea gooseberry? Is that like a sea raspberry? Pbbbbbbbbb... LOL

I've not heard of that. I'll go check it out. Do you have a link?


CJ England said...

Sara J,

LOLOLOLOL I knew you'd come up with something.

Leave it to me to find the 21st Century answer to Captain Kirk's Tribbles. LOLOL


CJ England said...


Thanks for the name of the place in Florida. If we don't start to glow, I'll give them a shout for help!


Shawna C said...

It occurs to me that there are a number of coral reefs in that general area. Maybe it's a coral polyp? There's supposed to be countless gazillions and if it was within a few days of a full moon and strong tides...

Although I like the purple people eater in disguise answer!

Lisa said...

Here is a link with info about sea gooseberries

Phylis said...

I went looking under baby jelly fish and found this picture which reminds me a lot of yours. Not sure if it helps any. Couldn't get specific names.