Saturday, January 9, 2010

How Cold is Cold???

Now I know that some of you are freezing cold where you are. I read online this morning that my old stomping ground, Sandpoint Idaho is sitting at 23 degrees and it's snowing. In other places, Detroit Michigan reads 24 and cloudy, New York is 30 degrees, Atlanta is 29 degrees Seattle is 44 degrees and Phoenix is a balmy 59 with scattered clouds.

So I know most of you will roll your eyes when I start complaining about how cold it is down here in Orlando. The weather at this writing is 34 degrees with some rain. This morning outside my backdoor was the remnants of sleet! Now for most of you that's normal winter weather, but down here in Orlando Florida the normal high for this time of year is usually around 70 degrees. So you can see that even though 34 is about right for you all in the north, a 30 degree difference is pretty hard on us.

I've heard tell of power outages, heaters blowing up, black ice, and a myriad of other weather related problems due to the extreme cold. All I know is as I sit here, I have my heater on, but I'm still wearing a thermal shirt, two sweaters, pants, slipper socks and slippers AND have a blanket wrapped around myself.

And I'm still cold!!!

So, on days like this, it's really hard to believe anything about global warning. The following LOL NEWS said it best and cracked me up...
Do I believe our weather's changing. Oh yeah. But I's hard to buy the party line about global warning when we are all trying to keep our noses from freezing off!

I'm going to sit here, try to fix my &^%^$#@*&^ mail program and stay warm. I'm also watching the Syfy channel where they have an all day disaster movie marathon. I'm a happy camper! LOL

So now it's your turn. Where do you live and how cold is it?



Phylis said...

Are you sitting down still? It is a balmy 5 degrees here in Grand Island, Nebraska. After being -16 over night. I am not kidding! I wish I was. This is the second night of it being below zero and we won't talk about the -30 or higher wind chills yesterday and the day before. So while I have some can see where I am. Oh forgot over two feet of snow! LOL

BrennaLyons said...

I live on the MA/NH border, about 35 miles north of Boston. Since I'm above the 495 corridor, it's colder than Boston, but being below the other corridor means it's warmer than Maine...thank goodness. The high for the day will be 21 with a wind chill of about 5-7 degrees. The lows overnight are at about 15 with a wind chill of below zero.

BTW, this isn't the first time in recent history that Orlando, FL has had this weather. In winter of 87-88, they did too. I know, because my husband was there, at the time.

And one of the Animal Kingdom workers thought I was crazy for asking what they did with the African and other hot-weather animals when there was snow and ice in Orlando! Bet she's shaking her head and cursing me about now.

BrennaLyons said...

BTW, this is WARM for January temps around here. Grinning..

DawnsReadingNook said...

Hey CJ I live in Western NY and its a balmy 10 degrees but with wind chill it feelsl like -4 degrees. UGH!

I am wearing a thermal shirt, sweater, fuzzy socks, yoga pants and I am still cold. :(


CJ England said...


Just close to being normal is that? I mean if we are 30 degrees colder than normal, is the rest of the country way below normal too?


CJ England said...


Hating you now. LOL But we were just up in your area in September and the leaves were beautiful. I had a friend in Seattle laughing at me because she was tropical compared to what we were here yesterday!

And I've always wondered about the critters in zoos too. I mean, we have a salt water tank and I'm having to heat it with bottles of hot water because my anemones are looking pretty darn cold!


CJ England said...


Thing is, I expect being cold up in New York, but down here I'm not prepared. All my heavy clothes are in storage, so the layer look is really in right now. LOL


Jen said...

I agree with you CJ. I live just north of you (about 25miles N of Orl.) and I'm freezing! I think b/c it is so odd for us it's really taking it's toll - and it's SO gray - ugh, who can take all that gray. It's supposed to be blue and sunny!

I hear we're supposed to get back to the 70s sometime end of next week. Maybe since this happened so early we'll be spared for the rest of the season. fingers crossed.

And people say you don't get 4 seasons in FL! I hear the snowbirds aren't even happy right now. lol.

Keep warm!

Kris said...

I am in Orlando too and determined not to have to leave my house today. My kids and I are all doing the movie thing all day in our pjs

CJ England said...


My neighbors are snowbirds. They are from New Jersey. All I hear from them is grumbling. They are trying to decide if going back home would be warmer. LOL


CJ England said...


Yep. I'm working on the computer, watching Scyfy in my woolies in bed and I don't plan on doing anything else.


Pat said...

At 1:30 in Baltimore it is 32degrees and
partly cloudy. It snowed 2 inches with an ice covering yesterday, but the high temperatures today are melting it off.
To help warm up yourself and your house,
get in the kitchen and get the oven on.
Bake a cake or cookies. A loaf of bread would be good. There's always cooking a roast to warm up. Go back to bed and snuggle with Aries?

CJ England said...


Just went in and made toasted sandwiches for Jessaca and I. I "accidently" left the burner on after I made tea. LOL

I'm planning on making stuffed chicken breasts tonight. And using the big oven to do it!

Right now, other than bed, the kitchen is the warmest place there is.


Julie Robinson said...

I'm wearing leggings, 2 shirts (1 flannel), fuzzy socks with crocs ('cause the tile is cold) and my hands are icy. It's in the teens here in Lousiana. Our pets are inside and some of my prized potted plants. My DH, originally from Connecticut, can't stand it because it's so cold.

Thanks for the pic! Got a good laugh.

Kathy said...

I'm sitting here in Gun Barrel City, Texas with the sun shining on the thermometer it reads almost 30 degrees out there. The past two nights have been in the teens and at 5 pm yesterday in Athen,TX wa sonly 21 degrees. I'm ready to move back to Hawaii where I spend 4 years 1985-1989 and it was only cold in the mountains on Maui and the Big Island. Yesterday in the paper was 79 there I'll vote for that. I'm ready for spring we've had enough winter.

CJ England said...


LOL I keep getting teased by my hubby because he's sitting in hot and humid Singapore and laughing at how cold I am.

He'll get his. Right after I kiss his lips off. LOL


CJ England said...


I feel your pain. We moved here from N. Idaho hoping for some warmth for awhile. I do miss my snowy seasons, but I never expected to find them here in the sunshine state.


Maria said...

I live in the St Louis area where the temp is now a freezing 18. We had snow earlier in the week which has not melted and got some overnight. Don't believe in Global Warming and think that the weather patterns just change. That said, there is no excuse not to take care of the planet since we ilve on it, just not rabid about it.

CJ England said...


Brr...that's so cold. I remember seeing a weather map and you were right in the middle of the cold. Hopefully it won't last much longer.

We've got turtles and manatee's down here literally freezing to death.


silvervine said...

Sorry CJ, I live in Australia and I have aircon on at the moment as it is 33C (94F). So it is too warm. I have never seen snow and have to say I don't miss it :)


Patyann said...

In Pensacola today the HIGH was 36, it got down to 18 last night, and right not it is 27 with a wind chill of 20. You know, I moved to Florida to get away from all this, having grown up in Omaha, northern Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin and moved to Missouri when I was 20. I have lived here now for almost 12 years and I am now seriously regretting having gotten rid of all the thermal stuff. And you just cant find it here. Do you know that it is colder here now then when I went to my mother's in Tennessee for christmas? Its just so wrong. I have baked more this past week than I did last year. LOL And all the cookies, pizzas, cakes, breads and sweetrolls are not helping my diet. :( You would think my extra padding would help keep me warm.

CJ England said...


You better be careful or we are all going to have to hurt you. LOL


CJ England said...


I know exactly what you mean about the thermal stuff. I'd be in the same boat except for when we went to the UK on our anniversay it was really cold so we bought thermals there. I'm wearing my English thermals as we speak and I love them!!!!


silvervine said...

Who me! I still have the ac on it is too darn HOT!! I have it too hot and you have it too cold. I want a nice in between.


felinewyvern said...

Right at this moment, here in Cardiff, Wales the temperature is a cool 1°C.

We have been having down to -6°C lately but at least it's warmer than Altnaharra, Sutherland which had a low of -22.3°C *Brrrrrr*